Escaping the End is an adventure epic filled with tragedy and suspense.

It takes place within a dimensional rift call Dimeiron (Dye-meer-own) A place created by near infinite beings known as the High Counsel for the purpose of creating sentient life under perfect conditions. However, a horrid thing has taken place, known only as the ‘black’. Because of it, the streets run with blood, bones lay in piles and entire cities are left in ruin.

Now, with less than a tenth of all the world’s population left, their struggle has only just begun. The black has grown outside the power of the High Counsel, and Dimeiron is in a state of rapid decay and eventual collapse. Buildings crumble, plants are dying, and remnants of the black’s infection remain. Their best hope rests in the hands of a man named Mykala, a well-to-do inventor with a deadly curiosity. Him, and his friends must find a to Escape the End of their world, or there is no hope left.