Azur, just like Slae, is born of the race of people known as Spurions. In Azur’s time, the civil war of Slae’s time had ended some hundreds of years prior, and the race of Spurions had change completely. Whereas in Slae’s time, the genetic variation was not that great; this is not true in Azur’s time. Spurions since the civil war are born of many varieties of color, height, hair, eye-coloration, ability and so on. While I do not want to give away too much, it can be verified that it was these differences that played a large role in the civil war.

Azur, however, even among these extremely varied people, was born a freak. He resembled the appearance of the Spurions of old, and to make matters worse, he had all of their original abilities. Not only were these abilities without any degradation, Azur proved more capable and powerful than any other Spurion living on his planet at the age of 2 years in spurion time (nearly 5 years by earthly measurements). As though that were not enough, Azur’s IQ is extremely high, causing him to be on par mentally with the greatest minds of the galaxy and he even possessed the wisdom of ages past. Despite these things, Azur wanted nothing more than to live with his parents and be accepted by society.

Despite Azur’s wishes, he was well aware of the prophecy of his birth and while it was no easy decision of his people to send him away, it was fear that eventually caused them to act. Azur understood this initially, but overtime it slowly ate at him. Azur landed among the stars on the planet Hagil where an indigenous race of people known as Esquarians lived. They treated Azur like an equal and came to rely upon his unique gifts to further them as a race. It was during a raid by slavers of an unknown race that Azur’s power took over, causing him to decimate a small part of his new home. Though devastated at first, Azur eventually moved on and quickly brought the Esquarians into the space age. Initially trade with neighboring allies went well, the slavers of the unknown race did return with the intention of bringing Azur’s people to ruin. This angered Azur to the extent that he not only single-handed destroyed all invading forces, but he warped himself to their planet and destroyed their solar system and every outpost they had – within a day’s time.

From this point forward, Azur’s race of Esquarians became the enslavers of any alien race that did not see eye to eye with them. He conquered all surrounding galaxies, and brought his planet to the pinnacle of civilization. Despite Azur’s mental state in Last Hero, he was quite different during this time; nearly always calm and collected, learning to keep his cool and delegate tasks to others and spreading the burden of his job. Over time, the Esquarians came to revere Azur has more than a mortal and so did a vast majority of any that knew of him.

Being born 357 earth years after Slae, and with 14,000 earth years passing since Slae’s exodus of Spurion, it can be deduced that Azur is 13,643 earth years old or about 5,540 spurion years old. Although he existed without a body for 10,000 earth years of that time.

The figure of Azur is very god-like and potentially intimidating. He possesses skin so golden it appears as the metal itself, yet is very soft to the touch. Upon his left peck is a silver circle encompassing a lightning bolt that protrudes just slightly from his peck and yet appears to be part of his flesh as well. Azur is 8 feet 3 inches tall with a thinly veiled frame and yet with muscle enough to negate any charge that he is frail. His face is long, with eyes of blood-red pupils and yellow irises. When Azur is angered, his eyes can smolder and the pool of blood locked in his pupils, giving it the red color, will ooze out from them as his irises constrict (it is unknown if this was natural to Azur or if he causes this as an intimidation tactic). The hair on his head is spiked naturally, silver with white highlights and kept short by way of his sorcery; though he has been known to grow it out and even shave it off from time to time. Azur prefers to be in little or no clothing as much as possible, but dresses in most cases to make those around him more comfortable.

Azur’s personality is one of self-inclusiveness, carelessness, extreme pride of self and importance of self improvement. At first, Azur worked hard to overcome the deficiencies in his character, and does so, well. Yet at trying times, Azur has forgone all his work on his character and reverts to a more primal self; bent on preservation of pride and often acting without much regard for consequences. This weakness in character leads Azur into the maniacal, selfish and pridefully arrogant person we are greeted by in Last Hero.

Without a doubt, Azur has no equal in the field of sorcery. He can bend the entire universe to his will, and could break the very foundations that hold everything in place should he choose to. But what fun would that be if nothing was left to play with? Within Last Hero, there is only one known sustainable universe where time and space flows and ebbs in a straight forward fashion (traveling backwards would be impossible). So for Azur to utilize his abilities fully would possibly leave Azur with nothing left to do, ever.

Reality warping. With ease, Azur can warp the reality of those around him. He achieves this by creating large pocket universes that overlap seamlessly with reality in which he is god and can do incredible things to his victim.

Ability mimicry. All Azur has to do is hear of how a particular spell, or attack is performed and he can achieve the very same thing and often excel beyond that of the original. Azur demonstrates this in Last Hero in his fight against Thunder. Although the mimicked attack was one of sorcery, Azur can mimic physical abilities too. He mimics most commonly strength, invincibility, and speed since he is very weak by Spurion standards and would only be on par with a body-builder by human standards.

Matter manipulation. Azur can alter the state of any object, so long as the raw power of the object is not more than his own. As an example, Thunder is substantially more powerful than Azur, but Azur’s grasp of… well everything, and ability to manipulate it gives him an edge that no amount of power could ideally overcome. This allows Azur to manipulate Thunder’s body into a heap of broken parts, but not completely break it down any further because Thunder’s power overcame Azur’s.

Mind’s-eye. Azur, much like Slae, can see into very distant places without the need to be there or see it physically.

Mind over mind. Azur can manipulate the minds of others, though he often chooses to ignore this ability because he does possess a fascination into the psyche of an individual. Particularly when they are at his mercy.

Law-suspension. Simply put, while Azur has the power to break all the laws of the universe and make the entire universe implode upon itself or to simply cease to exist, he can likewise suspend these laws to achieve a purpose. We see this within a dream Slae has, as he shares a memory from Azur in which we see Azur suspend time, enter a metaphysical state, kill his enemies, and return like nothing happened.

Devourer. Not a particular ability demonstrated by anyone except Thunder. But without revealing too much, Azur and Thunder have this in common, as does one other person in Last Hero. This is the ability to take within one’self any object, thing, or person and obtain their attributes – within reason. Azur would not turn into a tank if he devoured a tank, but he might gain increased durability from the metal fibers and a knowledge on how to create a more explosive attack.

Flying. He is only able to achieve this feat by suspending the laws of gravity immediately about his self and using his sorcery to propel himself in any direction he chooses.

Space and time warping. We already know Azur can bend reality, break universal laws, and manipulate any object. However, with intimate knowledge of these laws, Azur has learned to effortlessly moved through space and time in an instant to any place he chooses.

Sorcery. Azur can cast spells in any language, develop spells in any format or language or even in no language. Is a master alchemist, shape changer, elemental wizard, and can do all of these by merely thinking it.

Matter creation. Only two entities in the entire Last Hero universe can create matter. While some exist that can create temporary pockets in space, or borrow matter, Azur can completely make matter from nothing. He can create pocket universes, dimensions, and objects from nothing by mere thought that will last forever. What he cannot do is create fully sustainable and intrinsically valuable life; only one entity in the Last Hero universe has that power. On the flip side, Skaizomachitis can borrow matter, create limited pocket universes and mimic life that are as limited as the pocket universe in which he created it in.

Immortality. Azur’s sheer abilities and proportionately insane intellect gives him the unique insight of how to make himself incapable of dying. Yes, he was cursed to a star left to be tortured in the form of his spirit, Azur already possessed the ability to do this. However, once in this state, his attachment to reality becomes very limited which made his ability to break the curse imposed upon him impossible.

Azur prefers to wear little to nothing whenever possible. Even so, Azur recognizes the need to dress for the comfort of others around him. When he dresses, Azur clothes himself in the finest and rarest materials. Always dresses according to custom, culture, and with purpose. He always strives to be best dressed when the occasion to be clothed arises.