Lyla Francis Langkin was born toward the middle of the Shadow’s fifty year reign over earth. Her mother was a prostitute, who seemed to give Lyla only enough attention to keep her alive and her father was likely one her mother’s many paid ‘guests’.

Lyla, being of a very free spirited and stubborn nature boasted a natural resistance to the Shadow’s corrupting force and as a preteen, realized there was no life for her with her mother. She then ran away and met an older man, who had somehow resisted the Shadow to a large degree and ended up living in Keldaga City. Despite the cities center for commerce and trafficking, as seen in the book ‘Last Hero: Awakens’, it was actually one of the last fortitude’s in which much of the population still acted morally. It was a duality, in which they allowed themselves to be occupied by shadow-energy, but maintained a code of ethic; affording them the ability to blend in and still act good. Unfortunately, Lyla witnessed the end of this generation and in time, she too became corrupted by the Shadow. Though her memories of the old man were foggy, as the result of heavy drug use, she still felt a strong need to be kind to others, hence her rather pleasant interaction with Slae.

Born sometime during the middle of the Shadow’s reign over Earth, it is unknown how old Lyla is exactly. Though, it is clear she is in her early to mid twenties. Little of her mother and father is known in the first book, and Lyla does later reach out to her mother in the second book. Lyla was fortunate to have been born toward the middle of the Shadow enslavement, as before that time the Shadow was exterminating humans like clockwork, to minimize a rebellion. Likewise, thirty years into the Shadow’s reign and when nearly all the light was gone from the world, sex slavery became the biggest commercialized market in the world, with entire pregnancy farms dedicated to it. Lyla’s fortune continued further into her life as she eventually learns that her mom had enough goodness in her to know that she did not want that for her own child, leading to surprise twists in Lyla’s life as a child that lead to her escaping the life of a sex slave.

She is about 5 feet 5 and a half inches tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She typically wears fitted blue jeans, and a t-shirt with her hair pulled back. Her appearance is fairly unimpressive and lacking in detail on purpose, she does not want to one to standout, finding crowds very uncomfortable.

She is flirtatious and fun, and enjoys going on walks, exploring anything new or dangerous. She does have a yearning to grow and learn, always wishing to be of a use to those in need. While these are Lyla’s greatest strengths, allowing to draw upon her powerful emotions, they can also be her greatest weaknesses, getting her in trouble or worse.

Lyla does not posses anything fantastic as superpowers, but it is in her mundane and ordinary existence that she demonstrates her greatest traits.

Lyla can empathize with anyone around her, and use her strong emotions and deeply rooted hope to rise up others around her. Even to draw them from a pit of hopelessness.

Lyla’s fearless nature makes her a worthy adversary, even when facing the Shadow as she can prove to be perilous and unpredictable.

Lyla can learn new skills quickly, which relies on her powerful emotions and ability to empathize, lending her the capacity to draw from other’s experiences and root them into memory very efficiently.