Slae derives from a people known as Spurions from the planet of the same name, Spurion. Spurion exists within a tight cluster of star systems near the outer regions of the universe. During a great civil war, Slae was forced from his home planet to Earth where he later learns that his planet was decimated by its star exploding. After being forced to Earth, Slae witnesses the invasion of the Shadow as it mercilessly slaughters all that rose up against it. The Shadow very quickly picks up on Slae’s enormously powerful presence and seeks to destroy him. Slae, confused, dazed and largely inexperienced in war runs in fear of his life. He manages to escape the Shadow for a time, and is found by the Angel of Light, who knows only that Slae matches the description of someone she was to find.

Because Slae’s planet rotates about its star much slower than our own, their year is 29months 2weeks 3days and 17hours by earthly standards. Slae was twelve years old by spurion standards when he was taken from his planet and was on Earth for a short time before being taken by the Angel of Light, Quweaign. Slae was then lost inside of Quweaign’s dimension for 50 earth years, which makes Slae 79 earth years old or almost 33 spurion years old. This is actually quite young as Slae’s people have a life expectancy near 5000yrs old. Also, for argument’s sake, this is based on Slae’s biological age. Technically speaking, Slae was born roughly 14,029yrs prior to the events of Last Hero, but being thrust through time does not make him that old. It is also worth noting¬†that Spurions age much slower than humans, where they only appear slightly older than an earthling would at the same relative age. Slae would have looked like a very young teen at 12yrs old by spurion standards

Basic Physical Appearance
Slae is approximately 7ft 9in tall, with an extremely dense muscle build and charcoal black hair. His eyes are large pools of black, making his iris and pupil indistinguishable from one another. His skin is a bit of an ashen coloration, but with a decent tanning making his ashen complexion only evident in good lighting. His body is mostly hairless with an average length torso, long legs and long arms and hands that would dwarf any other man’s hand.

Slae’s default personality is one of confidence, and selflessness with some healthy pride to boot. Slae, at his best is courageous and bold and will always work to stand up for what is right, even at the cost of his life. However, the Slae in the first book slowly relearns these traits through trial and error and over time. With no memory of even how he might feel toward something, he must rediscover what it is to be him again.

With a very wide array of powers, his most impressive trait is his physical abilities. Slae mentions to Lyla that he feels as though he has no limit. Which is essentially true. Each time Slae is injured, or he hits a limit, his body and mind adjusts to compensate and to bypass those limitations. His enemies must strike fast and hard if they are to overcome this ability. While his power mostly resides in the physical, Slae demonstrates massive mind power to extend his physical strength from his body and impose it upon things, and even resist mental attacks of the most powerful kind.

Slae’s abilities include:

Incredible Strength. Able to lift thousands of tons of earth, level an entire mountain, and afterwards feel as though they were not real tests of his true potential. Slae’s strength is largely untested and its limits are largely unknown to him. Only time will tell what limit he may have.

Increasing durability. His body adapts to each and every new attack; though it is unsure if Slae’s ability to resist attacks was forgotten or if his body is really adjusting to attacks for the first time. Either way, it is clear that he has great physical resistance even before adapting. This is evident as he survives an attack from Thunder meant to destroy an entire star system if unchecked.

Regenerative power. In some ways, Slae’s version rivals that of some of the fastest healers in the superhero world. In most cases Slae can heal from an attack nearly instantly, though there are times when he did not. When Slae was nearly killed by Thunder’s attack, while it was not spelled out, Slae’s body was practically destroyed in the attack. Every bone broken, entire sections of his body eaten away, and yet he managed to regenerate. Slae’s regenerative power is mostly a conscious one, though he is capable of regenerating subconsciously, albeit, much slower.

Speed and agility. Here is another ability not readily spelled out in such a way that it could be compared with others by any hard-fact mathematical equation. Some feats of Slae’s speed and agility can be seen in the first book where he manages to clear hundreds of feet at the drop of a stone and return without it moving. The result of the movement was a catastrophic break in air and space that created an air funnel that exploded, destroying everything around him. Slae realizes he will need to be more careful, and never tested this power further. Slae learns to be far more calculated with his movements, even to the point of nearly being captured by shadowarriors.

Vision, vision beyond vision, and even a powerful mind’s-eye. Slae can see to the curvature of the earth with any amount of detail he chooses. Even more impressive is that Slae can see with such incredible resolution that he can see the microscopic strands of the Shadow’s energy. If that were not enough, Slae can also close his eyes and feel out with his mind’s-eye. While this ability is also largely untested, Slae can both sense living energies and see imagery within his mind to anyplace his power reaches to – which is only limited by his will power.

Empathy, memory absorption, and data absorption. While data and memory absorption can arguably be called the same thing, I would like to differentiate them in the regard that one pertains to gaining insight into the memories of another while data absorption allows Slae to understand any writing or mechanical thing he touches. Slae can likewise see the memories and share in the feelings of those memories, even if the memories are in the process of being made, i.e. happening in the moment.

Power Flow. Slae’s most used, and simultaneously most useful is his ability to extend the reach of his strength from his body. This is achieved by force of will that extends his bodies energy outward as far as he chooses, carrying his strength with it. This ability increases dramatically, both in execution and potential within the first book and as Slae utilizes this power it will also change in how it works and in what it is capable of doing.

Slae is not limited to his outfit, but if one could wear a very tightly woven diamond material with unnatural durability, resistance to dirt or smell and self repairs, why change into something else? Despite the material it is made from, the outfit is very comfortable to wear. The outfit is also a blood-red coloration, and while gifted to Slae by Quweaign, the outfit is actually just a resized version of the one Slae was accustomed to from his home world.