Drawings and Doodles

This page is dedicated to drawings of the various characters, both good and bad. For now, I’mma just drop them in here, but eventually they’ll find their way into being organized.

A very wild and angry Slae
Ahzurael, a currently unrelated character to story at hand
A terrifying attempt at some graphics
A very early drawing of Azur
Prickly Poisonous, an odd creature created by Skaizomachitis to help train Slae
An attempt of the Angel of Light, Quweaign (Kwain / Kwee-ine)

Legal Disclaimer: All art hereby presented on the page is the property of the author (JL Tracey/Jason Tracey). Direct use of it is prohibited without proper consent. You can email the author @ jltracey@lasthero.org.